Leaving on a Jetplane

I like to travel but I get this weird feeling whenever I’m at airports.  I feel sad, melancholic even.  I don’t know why or what brought this up but it’s just a general feeling whether I’m on my way out or returning from a trip.

However, this feeling doesn’t make me appreciate less the beauty of airports I have visited the past years.  In no particular order, below are some photos of these lovely terminals.

Hong Kong
Osaka, Japan
Cebu, Philippines
Caticlan (Boracay), Philippines
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tokyo, Japan

Portland, Oregon
Salt Lake City, Utah
Manila, Philippines

Airport dynamics is really a marvel to watch.  People are whizzing by, sometimes unmindful of the surroundings.  Others are chilling it out, waiting for flights.  One thing I like about airports is the feeling of purpose.  Like everyone has a reason why they’re there.

Oh well, I may not be fond of lounging and killing my time at terminals, but as I’ve said, I really do like to travel so I might as well get used to it 🙂

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