Shades of Brown

Maybe it’s the time of the year when I’m drawn again to anything brown. For some reason, I associate brown more with Halloween than black. Weird noh?

I like brown because it’s classy and exudes old world charm.  It’s an earth color so I can mix it with anything and it will still come out lovely.  It’s my next go-to color šŸ™‚


I love the bronze/ chrome finish of this watch


I wouldn’t mind having this.  Aside from it being fashionable, it contributes to a worthy cause


I like the gel-like polish

From Donna Jones pins

One of my girl-crushes Rachel Bilson sporting chocolate brown tresses – looove!

From Valenti Salon

I can totally see myself wearing this


Brown is such a versatile color.  It may be paired with pinks, blues, yellows; and it will make the canvass more appealing.

It’s paired with yellow here for a wedding –


With orange this time

From Wedding Help Me

With pink for absolute sweetness


With blue this time for freshness


With brown, so many possibilities šŸ™‚

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