Back to Reality

After a week of being out of the country and staying in a really cool (literally) place, I’m back to the everyday grind.  Jet lag is starting to set in, which is a bit weird because I didn’t experience any when I was there.  I guess mas madali talaga mag-adjust if papunta than if coming back here.

Since this is my first day back at the office, I’m catching up with work and emails.  I’m still feeling woozy since I can’t help but compare the timings.  It’s just odd that I can easily compute for the time difference as if I stayed there for more than just a mere week.  Feeling balikbayan hahaha

It was an exciting but tiring trip.  I don’t think I’ll go for a repeat in the near future.  It was an exhausting 19 to 21 hours of flying.  It’s a good thing that I’m perennially puyat so I didn’t have a hard time sleeping on airplanes.  In fact, I think I was able to catch up on my needed quota of zzzsss. 🙂

Anyway, let me just get my thoughts and photos organized so I can share with you my US sojourn.

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