Early morning of the 24th saw me braving the lines at Terminal 1, more popularly known as NAIA 1 or for me, the old MIA.
To be honest, it wasn’t that bad.  I was expecting much worse considering all the media they’re getting, it being one of the worst airports in Asia.  Or maybe because my expectations are already lowered so I didn’t get disappointed much? 
For starters, the presence of so many people are still there albeit lessened.  However, didn’t see jeepney-load of well-wishers anymore but more like few people sending off their loved ones.  The lines inside weren’t bad either as all x-ray machines were working and airline ground handlers were friendly and accommodating.
However, for the life of me, I still don’t get the need of employing people whose main (or only) task is to check on passengers’ passport and ticket for admittance.  This could be done at the check-in counter already.  Or better yet, have an information desk so people would know who to ask and not depend on whomever is available, baka maloko pa mga tao ng mga nakatayo lang dun.
Immigration also improved.  They’re friendlier and no longer ask unnecessary questions.  The weak spot na lang is the restrooms L
Let’s see when I arrive, hopefully more improvements there including Customs hehe

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