Across the Pacific

I’m typing this post almost halfway through my journey, somewhere across the Pacific.  I told you I’ll try to blog during my trip so here I am, doing this inside the plane, right after I had my meal of chicken kebab-type with soft roll and butter, pineapple cake as dessert. 
I have been awake for more than 12 hours now and traveling for about 12 hours.  My next stop will be in approximately 8 hours in yet another country.  Cool eh?
Why you may ask I’m typing while I can be busy enjoying the perks of traveling legacy? Oh well, inasmuch as I would like to watch “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” on the aisle monitor, my in-seat entertainment plug is not working L  so I just content myself with guessing the lines on the screen (subtitle is in Japanese).
I would be taking a nap in awhile and catch up on sleep so I’ll be bright and alert when we land and hit the outlets later this evening.  So excited to watch the plane cross the Pacific line, giving me another 24th J
Laters, baby.

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