Mickey’s Rockin’ Road Show

It was a busy wet Saturday for us as we trooped to Smart Araneta Coliseum to watch a Disney show.   Will photo blog ha –

We caught the 2nd to the last show of the season

It was Disney products galore!  I had to practice self-control or else I’ll go bankrupt.  But we can’t say no to some bubblegum and strawberry shake.


We are near the stage so Lian had a suuuuper grand time!

The gang’s complete…well, except for Daisy (whos’ still in Disneyland according to Lian)

Looking for talents

Mickey Mouse Bus

Cinderella’s stepsisters – Anastasia and Drizella

Toy soldiers from Toy Story

Jessie, Woody and Buzz


That was the first set – Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy went around the world for talents to showcase in their Talent Show.

In the second act, the talents showed their talent…what else?!

Disney performers

Toy Story

Cinderella & Fairy Godmother

Tigger’s Bounce Dance

The finale –

The satisfied look on Lian’s face…priceless 🙂

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