Disciplining Lian

Experts talk about the terrible two’s, saying it’s just a phase that kids (and parents) go through…and it will pass.  But for some reason, Lian’s been stuck to this phase since 1.5 years old and she’s getting more terrible opinionated as she grows old.  She’s just 3 months shy of 4 years old.

It’s not that she’s bad or maldita or does not listen – she’s actually a charming little girl who knows how to behave appropriately.  It’s just that when she wants something, she wants it right there and then, no ifs and no buts – impatient.

I try to reason out to her by talking and explaining why things can’t always be the way they want them to be. She listens sometimes but there were really times when I can’t help but raise my voice to her.  Then it’s as if it’s her cue to show her paawa face and stance.

Or sometimes she will hug you very tight with matching “I’m sorry, I promise I won’t do it again” while kissing you endlessly.  And who can resist that, right?!  She’s moody that way.  Sala sa init, sala sa lamig.

I’m not the type who would spank or hit with a belt.  Even her Daddy’s not a believer of punishments (I would say he even spoils her) so what we usually do is ask her to go to her Timeout corner.  But even this sometimes fails.  She goes on and on and on… it’s one intense pag-uusap for her to just stop – talking, threatening, begging.  Name it, we’ll do it!  We even had to resort to talking to Mama Mary (this one’s still effective).  She doesn’t want to disappoint Mama Mary šŸ™‚

My sisters advised me to inform her pedia about her behavior so that we can check if she’s suffering from something.  Pero every time we will visit her doctor, she’s all sweet and lovable so her pedia can’t reconcile the nice girl in front of her with the nightmare she is when she throws tantrums.  Ganun lang daw talaga ang mga bata, may moments! šŸ™

Sana nga.

What about you other mommies, how do you discipline your child?

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