Getting Sentimental

I don’t know if it’s because I’m not too happy with my work life now that’s why I get sentimental over simple things – emails from the past, old pictures, greetings from friends etc.

Just last Sunday, I finally tried to straighten my photos and put them in ziplocks according to dates, trips, moments in my life.  These photos used to be placed in albums but I had to remove them when our house got burned.  Some got smudges and tears which made me more melancholy…over those pictures I was not able to save and in a way, memories gone now.

But what really got to me where those that show me hanging out with my office barkada.  Maybe because we’re really scattered now – some are in the US, some have transferred to other companies while some started their own businesses.  My only consolation is that some of them will be coming over for a vacation this December, so we’ll have a mini-reunion.  I guess the reason why I consider them my group is because we got together at a time when we are in the prime of our youth.  Thus, it was a time of parties, gimmicks, simple pleasures and uncomplicated life.  When everything’s not a big deal.

Adette, me and Bless in Bohol
Jon, Binks, Bless, me, Weng and Teng at the Fort Strip
Bless, Weng, Hens, me and Jenn at Hens’ wedding
Bless, Adette and me in Boracay
Ren, Bless, me and Teng at Crowne Galleria
Teng, me, Bless, Binks and Weng at Burgos Circle

Looking at the pictures again, I just noticed that kami ni Bless ang mainstays hahaha…but seriously, I miss this group.  It was so much fun hanging out with them, experiencing growing up/ old in the corporate world with them.  They made the overtimes and overnights bearable because everything seemed easy and light whenever they’re around.

I’m blessed because we still keep in touch and our friendship withstood the challenges of life and the passing of time.  I can honestly say that I am what and where I am now because they helped shape me.  We’ve experienced being in love, heartbroken, married, pregnant or got their wife pregnant together.  I can’t imagine myself not being able to laugh, cry and hang out with this crazy bunch ever again.  That’s why I so look forward to the reunion this year and get sentimental while looking at our pictures together.

I soooo miss and love my Meteor Garden friends! hahaha

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