For Kids Only

When the ‘lil one hit 1.5 years old, her addiction attraction to arcades started.  Timezone, Tom’s World were the most frequently used words in the household.  Almost every weekend, without fail, you’ll see us in Market! Market!, Glorietta, MOA.

Lian started with the kiddie rides – the ones that move when a token is placed, and riding the carousel and ferris wheel.

Kiddie rides
Ferris wheel

Then her interests were upgraded to arcade games – hammer hitting, squirting water, Street Fighter, Go Go Balls, Sing-along etc.

Hammer game

Rubber Ducky

Playing drums

Now, she fancies going to kid zones where there are slides, obstacles etc like those found in Austin Land, Galleria and Kiddie Bus, Market! Market!  We also discovered Kevin’s Library, Market! Market! recently.

Hmm…I wonder what catches her interest next? 🙂

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