Who Takes After My Mom

Just barely a week after my Dad passed away, my Mom also joined him.  It was devastating to say the least.  In just a couple of days, my sisters and I were suddenly orphans.  So imagine, we were in 2 wakes in  2 weeks.  That’s how heartbreaking it was.

Looking back now, yes the pain is still there.  It’s like having something missing in your heart, which could never be found again.  But seeing my Mom’s mini me aka Lian helps lessen the heartache.

Lian’s so like Mom in so many ways –

1. They are both vain and maybe a bit high maintenance – Mom would never dare head out without make-up, mismatched bags/ clothes/ shoes.  She’s always put-together and fashion-savvy.  Lian’s showing the same knack for fashion as early as now, checking herself in mirrors.

2. They like dressing up – Mom will always request for matching shoes and bags on her birthday, Christmas or any occasion.  Now, Lian will also insist on putting on her ballerina outfit even at home.

3. They adore jewelry, cosmetics, accessories (basta kikay stuff) – Mom calls them investment and would hoard collect a lot.  She would have day look (mostly pastels) and night look (mostly heavy, bright colors).  Every celebration is best celebrated with a sparkling stone, if you know what I mean šŸ™‚  It’s just sad that some of her jewelry and ours too were not recovered because before she got sick, she brought them to an alahera šŸ™

4. They thrive on crowds (and parties) – Mom and Lian are both sociable.  They like talking to people, making chika and attending gatherings (and throwing events too).  Sila na ang social butterflies.  I can remember that konting kibot lang, Mom will have an impromptu party.  In fact, she’s the main organizer of our debuts, kaya may cotillion pa kami.  I like parties too, mind you, I like organizing them hehe

5. They like making pasyal – they are both “sabik sa gala”.  It’s expected that during weekends, we will be out on roadtrips or in malls, basta wala lang sa house.  The travel bug hit them both – earlier nga lang kay Lian šŸ™‚

In a way, it’s heartwarming to see that Lian’s growing so much like Mom because it’s like she never left us.  But sometimes, it gets sad also because Mom didn’t get to enjoy Lian’s company and share the experiences together.  Consolation na lang that maybe Mom’s looking down on us and she’s enjoying herself watching Lian’s antics.

It’s a bit weird nga that Lian knows both Mom and Dad even without seeing a picture, kilala lang talaga nya. That happened when we went to my sis’ condo and she saw our family picture.  She pointed and named everybody in the picture.  Kakatuwa noh? šŸ™‚

Oh Mom, how I wish you’re still with us to share in our laughter and help discipline your mine me.  She’s also stubborn like you, bent on having her way with a strong and opinionated personality….and yes, she’s showing aptitude in numbers, and she told me she’d like to be a doctor-teacher someday.

I love you Mom.  Miss you.

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