Remembering Daddy

On this day six years ago, I lost my dear Dad.

I can still remember vividly the events of that fateful day as if it just happened yesterday.  The smell of the hospital, the voice of the doctors giving instructions and the whispers of condolence of patients and their bantays at neighboring rooms.  It’s like a movie reel kind of feeling if you know what I mean.

I always think of “if Dad’s still with us, he would…” whenever I’m happy, sad, scared etc.  So here’s a list of things I think he would be doing, things I would like to share with him and I know he’ll have a snappy remark on –
1. Love Lian to bits and pieces – what’s not to love? (okay, this is the mommy talking).  But seriously, I bet Dad will have a wonderful time exchanging one-liners with Lian.  He’s a spoiler pa naman when it comes to kids. If apo nga lang sa pamangkin he’d borrow na and play with, what more his own, right?  Haay, if only he waited for Lian (okay, don’t dwell on that…erase, erase)
2. Watch all boxing matches and basketball games – if there’s one thing that I miss (not naman most) on Sunday mornings and evenings are the background noises of boxing and basketball on TV.  I swear I was super updated with who’s who in the sports world because the TV’s on (almost) the whole day Sunday then.  We start off with boxing in the morning then car racing in the afternoon then basketball in the evening.  Mas dumadami pa ‘to pag NBA and Major League seasons.
3. Be active in bowling tournaments – Dad’s a champion bowler.  I didn’t inherit this nga lang.  I suck at this sport!  But I remember that if other dads are into drinking with friends, going out etc, you will find Dad in bowling alleys playing and drinking with his buddies.  I guess now they’re just bowling in heaven, smoking and reminiscing the good ‘ole days šŸ™‚
4. Play with dogs – Dad’s not only a kid spoiler but he’s also a dog spoiler.  He’s the eye candy of our dogs because he would patiently make bantay while the dogs eat with matching paypay (baka kasi kaya slow eaters dahil naiinitan haha)
5. Probably be retiring in Zambales – my parents built a resthouse for their retirement and they were really at peace and in their elements there surrounded by mango trees, orchids and the beach.  I can so imagine Dad walking every afternoon around the neighborhood to make chika (although he’s not much of a talker, si Mom yun)
6. Go on trips – if there’s one thing that both Mom and Dad love to do, it’s making pasyal.  If I remember correctly, nahawahan na lang sya ni Mom ng pagka-wanderlust.  But when the travel bug hit him naman, he was on the go.  Imagine they went on a roadtrip up North for almost a week!
7. Try out new restaurants – Dad (and Mom too) would have loved Boni High Street and Serendra.  They both like going to the malls and eating out.  I can still recall that one afternoon when I went home, they’re not there because they went on a spur-of-the-moment date to Megamall to eat steaks
8. Make sure that we are not too emotional – Dad is the typical male who doesn’t show much emotion.  He’s the rational one who would always offer another way of looking things.  Sometimes kasi we get caught with our emotional outbursts so he’s the one who would soothe and calm.
9. Have an opinion on the current political situation – Dad was offered before to enter politics.  If I’m not mistaken, he was asked to run for mayor in Palauig (our town).  Childhood friend kasi nya si ex-Governor.  I remember we went to visit the governor and VIP treatment talaga.  So no surprise that he would have comments on the things happening in the political arena now.
10. Be proud of me – self-confidence lang talaga so pagbigyan nyo na.  But I would always imagine what his reaction would be everytime I achieved something.  And this year I have been so blessed so I know that he will be happy up there in heaven.  I think of him as my padrino kay St. Peter šŸ™‚
And lastly, if Dad’s still with us, marami pa siguro kami foot stools or in Tagalog, “bangko”.  He loves carpentry and building things.  Malamang baka pati crib ni Lian nagawa nya hahaha
Oh Dad….I sooooo miss you!  Love and kisses…’til my next hug.  I love you.

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