Lian-isms: Olympics

We caught the Olympic fever and tried to watch as many events as possible on TV. 

Opening Ceremony:
Me: Let’s go to Rio in 2016.  Let’s watch the Olympics!
Lian: I don’t want to watch.  I want to join!

Okay, sya na ang athlete šŸ™‚

Synchronized Swimming Finals:
Me: Honey, if you’re going to play in the Olympics, what will your sport be?
Lian: Not running.  I’m not fast.  Maybe swimming na lang?

So we have a potential swimming Olympian here…

Men’s Basketball Semi-finals:
Me: Honey, who’s mommy’s favorite player again?
Lian: Kobe Bryant (she pronounced it Kobi Bryan)
Me: What about you?
Lian: Oh, I like the black short guy!
Me: Who, Chris Paul?
Lian: Yes! He’s fast!

Yey, may kasama na ko mag-watch šŸ™‚

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