Challenging Week

Wondering why I haven’t been blogging much lately? It’s because this week started wet! Actually, since last weekend pa lang when we were in Tagaytay, it has been raining non-stop but at least with intervals and I guess, sporadic.  But last Monday, it went all-out.  No surprise that by Tuesday, water levels were on the rise and Metro Manila’s again a big swimming pool. Mind you, walang bagyo!

Manila City Hall via courtesy of ANC
NLEX via courtesy of GMA News

The rains and floods were caused by “hanging habagat”.  Of course, this is not something new to us. We know that we only have 2 seasons – dry and wet…and this is really the rainy season.  But what caught everyone (again) by surprise is the magnitude and almost never-ending pouring of rain.  

I consider myself lucky and super blessed that I (and family) were not flooded and stranded (okay, konti lang naman) and were able to report for work the whole week.  Unlike other people who lost their loved ones, homes, livelihood.  My heart goes to people who heeded the government’s plea to evacuate but still got affected.  I so can’t understand naman the people who were advised to seek shelter on higher grounds but still pasaway and stayed and were very adamant to be rescued.  Sila na talaga!

When the rains stopped yesterday and Mr. Sun showed his rays, I thought tapos na ang stress.  Boy, I was wrong!  I got a call from my sister after lunch telling me that Lian was scratched by our puppy, Jessie and she doesn’t want to call me and insisted on calling my sister instead.  Kaloka!

Right after my meeting, I had to rush home.  My sister Anna and I brought Lian to Jessie’s vet first to establish if scratch ba or bite kasi conflicting ang stories ng little girl.  When the vet said scratch lang but for our own peace of mind and since may ordinance ang Makati na any abrasion (whether scratch or bite), the victim has to have anti-rabies shots, we had to bring her to Makati Medical Center.  Grabe, nag-somersault yata ang heart ko when they told me that.  Goodness, Lian’s only 3 and she needs to be shot 4x!  I was also very scared to tell Jeck. Kasi he already warned me when we took Jessie in that malamang Lian will get bitten daw or scratched.  Nagkatotoo nga!

Anyway, we can’t do anything.  It’s better to be safe than sorry.  Jeck followed when we were in the hospital and good thing I didn’t get a lashing. 🙂  The little girl cried but not much.  We will be back 3 more times in a period of 2 weeks for her shots 2 to 4.

So I’m so glad that this week is over.  TGIF talaga!  I hope that next week will be a better week 🙂

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