R&R in Discovery Country Suites

To escape the rains and floods in the metro, the fam decided to hie off to chilly Tagaytay for a much-needed break (at least for me as I’ve been stressed the past days).  We were all excited to go because it’s the first time we will try a Discovery hotel…and we were delighted!

We got there mid-Saturday afternoon and we got settled in the Saint Tropez Suite of Discovery Country Suites. 


I must say, I like the spacious room with its French-inspired interior.

Grabbed from Discovery Country Suites FB page

Here are some room shots – Lian kept on posing while I was taking pictures.

View from the door

Comfy, warm, sarap to the back beds

Sitting area


 Lian and I immediately got comfy and downed our welcome drinks.

Then we went to Restaurant Verbena for some wine and cheese…actually, it’s more water and Scrabble for us (we had a hearty late lunch in Manila so we’re still full when we got to Tagaytay).

View from the entrance (sorry, my angle and lighting’s bad)

One thing I appreciate about these lovely hotels is that they understand that you may opt to stay in and just enjoy the time by playing board games, reading books or watching DVDs.  Discovery Country Suites has a board game collection (which is a hit to Lian), books and DVDs library.  It really helped entertain her.  I can’t imagine staying cooped in the room the whole night without anything to distract her.  Cabin fever again!

Since hubby and I are craving for bulalo, we went out to Bulalo Point for dinner.  The ‘lil girl insisted on passing by McDonald’s for her happy meal.  So while Jeck and I were sipping our warm soup, Lian’s finishing her chicken and sundae.

The next day, the rains stopped (for awhile) so Jeck and Lian were able to squeezed in some swimming time.

While I was busy feasting on my Country Breakfast at the Restaurant Verbena

Heaps of bacon, local sausage (longganisa), baked tomato with Parmesan cheese
and scrambled eggs with garlic rice and mango juice

and checking them out.  Grabe, look at Lian’s pictures by the pool.  I swear, I didn’t teach her these poses!

Since the rains started to pour again, we headed back to our room and explored the rest of the hotel.

View from the stairs going down
The common room
In the common room with glimpse of the garden

Garden – perfect for chillin’ it out


It was a nice cold weekend made perfect by the friendly and attentive staff of Discovery Country Suites.  They were a bunch of helpful, courteous people who made us feel comfortable and made our stay memorable.  Everyone was super hospitable – from the security guards to the waiters to the managers.  Actually, I shouldn’t be surprised anymore because their Manila office is equally accommodating.  A special shout out to their PR Associate, Ms. Michelle Lamar for being so patient with me.

I echo Lian’s wish – hope we could have stayed longer.  Who wouldn’t wish that if our view’s like this everyday?

View from the St. Tropez Suite

Discovery Country Suites
300 Calamba Road, San Jose, Tagaytay City
4120 Philippines

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