Belated Post: Fairy Party

Because of my santambak na work plus lethargic feeling brought about by the gloomy weather coupled with my incessant headaches, hindi ako nakaka-post!  Lian pa naman had a great time in a kiddie birthday party we attended last Saturday.

So let me share with you what kept us busy last weekend – we were invited to a fairy-themed 1st birthday party of Shauntey.  She’s the daughter of one of my officemates.  It was held in Alexandra Condominium Clubhouse.  Pagpasok pa lang, Tinkerbell’s ready to welcome na.

I like the decor which according to my officemate JJ was set up by his wife and some friends.

Stage decor

Cake and giveaways

Table centerpiece

Lian made hakot the prizes.  She joined almost all the contests.  Sya na ang pa-bibo haha…and ang dakilang mommy ay na-shy talaga.  Why?  Because in the Bring Me game the host asked for a dancing mommy.  Lian was so insistent that I go in front.  I thought she will cry dahil ayoko talaga noh, wala kaya ibang mommies na nagpunta.  Haay.

Look at her loot –

Prize for winning the color/shape game

Prizes for winning bring me lipstick and car key

Kiddie loot

She super enjoyed the party.  We were there from 3PM (start time) ’til the party ended.  Talagang she made sure na sulit ang punta namin 🙂

Special shout out to JJ and his family for having us last Saturday.  We definitely had a fairy, good time!

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