Lovin’ My Accessories

When our house got burned 2 years ago, one of the things that I absolutely felt bad about is the loss of my accessories.  I know, super babaw but I guess when the place you call home went to ashes (even if only it’s just the 2nd floor that got affected), you tend to hold on to things that remind you of your life before the fire.  And since I’ve amassed quite a lot of accessories during my single years, I felt the loss when they were gone.

Now that I’m trying to build my collection again (slowly kasi I don’t have the luxury of spending my money for myself lang…I’m a mom you know), I tend to gravitate towards loud pieces (okay, not that loud pa rin).  

My growing collection – I used to have a small chest-like box šŸ™‚

I got myself necklaces from bazaars, airport stalls and my latest find, Twin Shoppers.  Will get to that on a future post šŸ™‚

From various places

From Twin Shoppers

I also had a phase last year when all I bought were bracelets and bangles…

Some of my jingles šŸ™‚

But my current obsession are cocktail rings. Oh goody, believe me when I say that I get sleepless nights sometimes thinking of un-bought rings.  Eto yung, not sure pa if I want to buy so I’ll try to sleep it off muna but can’t sleep because baka somebody bought it na kind of thing.  Haha…crazy lang ang peg.

Plan is to get one per color haha

One thing I’m not really that adventurous on are earrings.  I’m the classic pearl-for-all-ocassion type of girl.  I have extra-small, small, medium and big as in big hahaha.  So ang mga fancy, hoop, chic earrings are not really in my alley.  Eto lang sila, sad šŸ™

Ang konti!

And I think this fascination is passed on to the little girl as she also makes pakilagay in my box these necklaces that I can borrow šŸ™‚

The rest of her stuff are for her alone…no borrowing!

She has her own canister, mind you! šŸ™‚

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