Tom’s First Visit to the (Car) Doctor

My car had its first service check-up yesterday in Honda Cars Pasig.  

Yey, 1000 kms na ko!
I must say I’m impressed!  They are fast considering the long line of cars that need to be serviced and the staff are friendly too.  Special shout-out to Nanie who patiently listened to my woes observations.
I got there mid-afternoon and was worried that I am past their receiving cut-off but they still accepted me in (yey, pasok ako!).  I was assigned to Nanie and while he fills out the necessary documents, he was talking to me about the nearby area, that’s Eastwood by the way, without missing a line in the sheet.  He also answered my questions patiently and understood (I think) where my concerns are coming from.  Since he said it will take about 2 hours, he suggested I visit the church (Padre Pio) beside the center.  Hmm…bakit kaya yun ang suggestion nya?  I wasn’t able to ask na since I happily spotted a free wi-fi sign in their customer lounge.
I think the service lasted less than 2 hours or was I just too happy that I was able to surf?! Oh well. 

The customer lounge is spacious and I have a feeling that even if there will be lots of people waiting, you will still have your personal space.  Customers can watch, read, surf the net or even car-watch while waiting for your car.

Guess which one’s my car…hehe

It was a productive afternoon for me.  I never thought I’ll enjoy it as much as I did.  I guess I missed doing this because it was always hubby who runs this type of errands for us for the longest time.

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