If there was a city in the Philippines (of course, aside from Manila) that I contemplated on living in, it’s Cebu!  I like the people, its city vibe, the history…and I absolutely adore its beaches!  I like the idea that I can head to the beach from the city in just 30 minutes or less.
I have visited Cebu many times already, fingers and toes won’t even be enough to count those trips.  In some occasions I went just for a day, other times for close to a week.  Most of the time for work but longer ones are for holiday.  But every time I visit, there’s always something new to discover, something new to experience.
Here are some memorable photos from hubby and I’s first visit to the Queen City of the South as a married couple. I think Lian is even a Cebu-made baby 🙂
We went to the Basilica of Sto. Nino, Magellan’s Cross and Fort San Pedro.  

Apple at the Basilica of Sto. Nino

Jeck at Magellan’s Cross

Jeck and Apple at Fort San Pedro
But I think the highlight of that trip was relaxing in Plantation Bay for the whole day.  It was arranged by our dear friend Blessie.

Jeck at Plantation Bay

Blessie and me
Fast forward to 2010, and we went back with Lian in tow.  We had a marvelous time at Shangri-la Mactan.  It was Lian’s first domestic air trip.  

Lian’s 1st domestic air travel
With Mommy and Daddy

Jeck and Lian

Lian and me
The family visited Sutokil and Lapu Lapu Shrine (without me because I had to stay for a conference) 

Aunt Chie, Auntie “Lola” Lit and Lian

With Auntie Baybee this time

Jeck and Lapu Lapu
and no surprise here, SM City Cebu for some arcade fun

So many fond memories of Cebu that I wish my photos from before 2006 were still intact 🙁

Facts about Cebu:
Cebu (CebuanoSugbo) is a province in the Philippines, consisting of Cebu Island and 167 surrounding islands. It is located to the east of Negros, to the west of Leyte and Bohol islands. Cebu is a long narrow island stretching 225 kilometers from north to south, surrounded by 167 neighbouring, smaller islands, which include MactanBantayanMalapascuaOlango and the Camotes Islands. Cebu has narrow coastlines, limestone plateaus and coastal plains. It also has rolling hills and rugged mountain ranges traversing the northern and southern lengths of the island. 

Source: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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