Sick BUT Productive Friday

Yesterday finally had done me in. I told you before that I haven’t been feeling well and I thought I can make it through the week and rest na lang this weekend. But my body had other ideas. Bumigay na sya yesterday that I had to take a leave na from work. Buti na lang because when I had my ears checked, my eardrums were about to pop out na rin. I was advised to take it easy and doc put me on antibiotics with promise to come back tomorrow so that he can check my x-ray results and my progress.

Okay, fine! That’s where most of my day went. Oh I went to Lay Bare din pala for my regular wax hehe

In the late afternoon after sleeping taking a nap, I went to see naman the family dentist to have my tooth filled. Mejo tagal ko na din ininda ang tooth na ‘to so when I had time, go na ko.

Then early evening, I had my nails done. Ako na! Syempre di naman pwede I’m feeling down na nga, di pa ganda nails ko šŸ™‚

If only rains stopped earlier, dapat may massage session pa ko before going to sleep kaya lang nakakahiya naman sa masahista, late sya makakauwi šŸ™ So that’s how my busy day Friday went…kayo, what did you do?

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