Booking Your Way to a Seat Sale

I don’t think it’s just me.  Almost all Cebu Pacific employees will relate to this.  Whenever I go out – family reunions, get-together with friends or sometimes even strangers in the streets, the conversation will in one way or another would definitely include “may promo ba kayo?” when they see me in my orange shirt or they learned that I am working in Cebu Pacific.

Honestly, there are times I find this irritating.  For Pete’s sake I’m not a walking seat sale ad!  But then I learned to understand and even appreciate the times this question is asked.  It just means that people are interested and are willing to fly with us.  Nakakataba ng puso 🙂

But it doesn’t mean that I will let the opportunity pass without sharing the easy ways to know if we’re having a seat sale.  Mas maganda na they know of promos first-hand than ask me pa rin, right?  Anyway, I thought might as well share some inside info tips for those who are planning their travels.  What’s the use of me working in an airline if not to share some lessons I’ve learned regarding seat sales.  So here goes –

1. Be in the know – airlines offer promos almost year-round in majority of their routes.  How will you know if there’s an ongoing promo?  Best bet is that we will post promo banners in our website so you can check. Downside, everybody else in the entire universe will also see this, same as you.  The more important question is how will you know if there’s an ongoing promo ahead of everybody else? Most of the airlines announce seat sales to their SMS and email subscribers first.  So click on the link to subscribe.

*Or you can follow your favorite airline on Twitter and/or find them on Facebook .
Cebu Pacific sends seat sale alerts a day before ad breaks in the papers
Not sure how advanced Zest Air sends alerts though

2. Plan ahead – seat sale offerings are for travels 3 months and beyond the selling period.  For example, promos being offered in July are for travel September onwards.  Set this as a guide so that you can make plans before you face the computer to book.  Saves you a lot of time in getting the most-coveted seats.

3. Remember me – When airline sites have the “remember me/ details” option, use it! It makes your future booking a breeze as your details are already captured.  Cebu Pacific has this + the chance to be a CEB Club member.  When you’re a CEB Club member, your contact details, details of guests you usually travel with and your credit card details are stored so you just click your way to a confirmed booking.  This is particularly critical during seat sales as more people are after your seat.
Be a CEB Club Member
4. Know what you’re getting yourself into – Many people complain because they don’t READ.  Believe me, info related to your purchase is disclosed.  Airlines also would not want to be caught without it.  Rules/ restrictions may not be in the center of the material but they are there.
5. Check alternates – If you feel like going to Bohol but all the flights are already fully booked, why not check Cebu with more flights and just a fastcraft away from Bohol.  Popular destinations are of course the first to be sold out.  Also, promo seats on weekends go faster so why not try weekdays  (Tuesdays and Wednesdays) for your trip.  
I bet there are some more tips out there seasoned promo addicts know and are willing to share.  What’s yours?


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