Fifty Shades

I finished reading the Fifty Shades trilogy last Saturday.  Talagang kinareer ko sya and finished the 3 books in 2 weeks.

So what can I say about it?  Hmm…erotic and graphic!  Actually, the 1st book has the most exciting “moments” maybe because the thrill is still there.  Christian Grey (male controlling “dom” lead) and Anastasia Steele (female virgin “sub” lead) are still in the flirting, getting to know each other stage.  Witty email exchanges and funny lines which made me finish reading the 1st book in just 3 nights.

I find the 2nd book a bit dragging.  It didn’t come out as exciting as the first book although there are also high points including that of ***spoiler alert**** Christian’s helicopter mishap and Ana’s encounter with Elena (pang-teleserye lang ang peg).

The 3rd book is dramatic for me.  Yes, there are still “moments” but the book tackles Christian’s past so it’s more emotional and heavy.  Maybe because I know it’s the last book in the series, I took my time in reading the first few chapters.  I tried to sit on it para lang ma-savor ko ang story šŸ™‚  then since I can’t help it anymore, I crammed the last few pages to get over it agad.  

In fairness to the author, she made a simple story extraordinary because it’s the first book I read that really went straight with the terms and called the unmentionables as they are.  It’s refreshing in that sense.  And to be honest, it kept me awake because I may sound naive here but there are things that I only just heard from the book!  Kaloka!

Oh well, if ever they do a movie I can’t wait to see who will play these characters.  I’m kinda biased with the Vampire Diaries leads even if I don’t watch the show.  Just heard their names come out from online forums and googled for their pics, and yes I have to agree they kinda fit the roles.  Got below pics from the web –

Nina Dobrev
Ian Somerhalder
Pictures via web
What do you think?  šŸ™‚

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