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I rarely talk about my work in this blog as I try to shy away from this aspect of my life.  But now, please allow me to share with you milestones in the life of Cebu Pacific Air.

As you may already know, Cebu Pacific is part of the JG Summit conglomerate.  The group boasts of interests in food manufacturing, hotels, petrochemicals, real estate etc. and of course, airline.  Since last year, the JG bosses award outstanding business units within the conglomerate.  There are about 6 categories – customer focus, successful innovation, employee focus, technology excellence, marketing excellence and business outperformance.    

Cebu Pacific was rightfully awarded 4 out of 4 last year.  Here are some photos from the happy team last year –

We won in Marketing Excellence, Customer Focus, Successful Innovation and Business Outperformance.

This year wasn’t a good year for us as we didn’t sweep the awards.  In fact, we only got 1 out of 6.  We won 2nd place for Customer Focus.

I think it’s obvious that it wasn’t a good haul for us this year – there were only 6 of us from Cebu Pacific who attended.  Thus, the lack of photos.  Had to content myself with taking my self-portraits 🙂

Hoping that next year will be another banner year for us.  **keeping fingers crossed

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