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Yes, I work in an airline – the largest airline in the Philippines actually , full time.  But wonder what I do during my spare time?  It’s this –!  That’s right, together with some friends, we organize parties, proposals and weddings šŸ™‚

The idea to put up an events business started when I was preparing for my own wedding last 2007.  It was really hard work and intense coordination.  It was a good thing that I have a group of friends who were ready to help out and helped they did.  That’s why after my wedding, we volunteered to organize and assist in a friend’s wedding.  Mas serious na because it’s a destination wedding and the entourage came from different countries.  Logistical nightmare lang ang peg hahaha….From that wedding, other weddings and parties and even a wedding proposal followed.

This year, we opened it with a Chinese wedding. It was the first time we managed more than 300 guests with matching compliance to traditional Chinese customs pa.

Please do visit to get to know what else we can offer šŸ™‚

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