Open Letter to My Lil’ Schoolgirl

I’ve been meaning to write a letter to my darling daughter ever since I gave birth to her in 2008.  In fact, that’s the only page in her scrapbook that I have yet to fill out.  However, I never had the time (excuses, excuses!) and the right frame of mind to do it.  I usually start and do some sentences and then I get sidetracked, next thing I knew wala na ang drive ko to write.

So bear with me now, as I have this itch to write…sana ma-finish ko to šŸ™‚

Dear Lianpot,

The minute I learned we’re having a girl (that was sometime in August 2008), I already imagined the fun times we’ll be having together.  Of course, that included shopping and traveling.  I never imagined though that I will be enjoying those much earlier.  For some reason, I always picture that you’ll be around 5 or 7 before we can do those.  But, alas, you were only 11 months old when we first had our international trip.  I can still see in my mind the picture of glee when you saw Mickey Mouse in person. šŸ™‚  I also didn’t think that you can already be my shopping buddy when you’re just 4 months old – hope you’ll remember ATC and Boni High, probably not but I have digital pics I’ll gladly show you.  You’re such a mallrat!  

How fast time flies…you’re now officially in school!  Hindi saling-kit, hindi playschool.  But a real school with books and grades.  Sniff.  I guess what prompted me to write this was when we had our kwento-kwento, chika-chika last night while lying on the bed in the dark.  Just the two of us.  Oh goody, I relish those times na it’s just us, without Daddy J.  I won’t deny that I get mad when he’s late in coming home because I know he’s missing a lot of your monologue and crazy antics.  But don’t get me wrong, as much as I’d like him to be there (hope he doesn’t read this), I also have fun bonding with just you.  I feel that we’re super close and BFFs talaga tayo.  I admit I sometimes get jealous because you seem to have more fun when he’s around and you two are goofing around and playing fighting games.  I wish we will maintain our love (hate) relationship.  Sana nga I’ll be your best friend forever!

I sometimes get scared that you’re growing up too fast.  I know it’s supposed to be a good thing that you’re comfortable with older people but I also wish that you enjoy your childhood and have fun with kids your age.  I was lucky that I had both worlds when I was growing up – I had the company of Ate Baybee and Aunt Chie and Tita Mons and everyone else (adult world) plus the wonderful world of larong kalye with Tito PJ, Tita Bing etc.  (kiddie world).  Hope you’ll experience the same thing with your friends Isay and Ella now.

Also, I pray that you won’t grow up a spoiled brat.  Just so you know, I’m so happy that in almost all our conversations, you get to include religious stuff – favorite saint, favorite church, favorite Bible story…you get the drift.  It makes me somewhat relieved and maybe assured that you know right from wrong.

You’re also very smart (mana ka sa kin eh).  Okay sabi ng Daddy mo, may nakuha ka rin sa kanya dahil 1st honor sya nung Kinder sya.  Okay, fine!  Seriously, I’m surprised by how fast your mind (and your mouth) works.  You always get me.  I hope that you will love school (more than I did) and won’t get lazy studying.  I’m not hard to please (okay maybe a little) but it’s okay if you don’t get straight As (but I hope you will).  Sometimes the best lessons are those not learned in the confines of the school.  Read, read, read!  Reading passionately is not something you were born with  It’s something you develop over time.  And I’m glad that you started early.  Parang 2 months ka pa lang, kasama mo na mag-take a bath yung water book mo šŸ™‚ 

Lastly, and I know you won’t get to appreciate this now, but see and explore the world!  Don’t settle for what you have and what is within your reach, go out and spread your wings!  Sabi nga ni Buzz “to infinity and beyond!”  And I mean it for all aspects – academics, arts (may future ka sa theater ‘Te) and love.

Dream big, honey!  And I (together with Daddy Jeck) will make darn sure that you will reach your dreams šŸ™‚

Photos from Lian’s 1st day in Playschool – April 2011

Photos from Lian’s 1st day in Nursery – June 2012

I’m so proud of you!!!

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