Working on My Image

When I was informed that the Guest Service team will be under my supervision, the first project I thought about was giving everyone including me a makeover!  Not that we’re ugly and in dire need of prettifying but because I felt that since we’re facing customers, it wouldn’t hurt that they will like what they see/ talk to.

So as soon as we got a speaker, we got the ball rollin’.  We invited Ms. Karen Espiritu and had a fabulous time learning to apply make-up (this is my biggest challenge so far), walk properly, use voice etc.

It was a real treat when the before and after photos were flashed on the screen – 

After – while I was delivering my speech 🙂

It was just a 2-day session but it seemed like it was 1 day and at the same time felt like it was 1 week.  There were many topics touched on so it was a bit overwhelming but it went by fast that’s why it felt bitin.  It would be a bonus if the whole team would be able to follow the tips to the letter.

However, what I’m very thankful about aside from having Karen as our speaker is the collective passion I sensed during the workshop.  It wasn’t just an image enhancement workshop but for me it was an attitude/ paradigm shift workshop.  It helped the team bond together (as we were originally 2 groups) and set a common goal – make things right while having fun.  Be the change we want to see!

Here’s a group shot –

Product and Guest Service with Ms. Karen Espiritu

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