This wasn’t what I was supposed to write today but because I saw my friend’s wedding pics I was inspired to write a post about weddings.

My friend Michelle or as we fondly call her, MP, got hitched last Friday in Tagaytay.  It was an intimate wedding as only family and close friends were invited.  I was honored to be asked to proxy for the candle sponsor (just 2 days before the event…ohmygash! So I had to cram and wear my pang-guest dress.  Di tuloy ako match sa motiff…sob).  Anyway, here are some photos from MP’s big day –

Ina ng Laging Saklolo, Tagaytay
MP and Johann

T House, Tagaytay

Me, Mich and Bless

Me, Bless, Candice, Alex, Dennis, Viveca and Mich

MP and Johann

That day made me think about other weddings I have attended in the past including mine and what happened after the big day.  Was it a bed of roses or a cross to bear?  How are couples coping with the realities of married life?

My own marriage is not always sugary sweet.  In fact, there are days when I’m in the brink of saying “time out!”.  Kung pwede lang na I have a hubby na anjan lang sa tabi, parang spare lang šŸ™‚  It’s really true what Fr. Allan said in my wedding homily – you marry the best and the worst in someone.  The wedding ceremony is just a day in the marriage, but nevertheless important because it signifies a special beginning.  What’s more important though is what comes after the ceremony – when all the gowns and guests are already gone.  Yung kayong 2 na lang ang natira and God.  

I’m a strong believer in God’s presence in our lives.  There were trying times in the past that my only recourse was not shouting nor confrontation but just praying earnestly.  Yes, I’m a novena kind of girl (di lang halata).  I’m not saying that we have to leave all the work to God’s grace and stop doing our part.  Di naman ganun.  We still have to work (hard) on the marriage under God’s guidance.  Tipong instead of calling off your hubby every time he leaves his clothes on the floor, fold it na lang and store it without saying a word but uttering a prayer every night that he won’t do it again.  Simple lang pero if instead of holding back my tongue, I nagged him about it, away pa.  Sabi nga nila, don’t sweat the small stuff.  True, and may I add, save your lashing out for the heavy ones.  Pick your battles talaga šŸ™‚

So, enough of the bad side.  Marami naman talaga plus points if you get married…and these good points are talked about everywhere.  Won’t touch on that na lang, just read a Harlequin or a Silhoutte paperback and you’ll get the drift.

MP and Johann – best wishes….and may you have the patience to live with the good/ bad sides of each other šŸ™‚

Love, love, love!

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