My Idea of Staycation

Summer is officially over (according to Kuya Kim) and since we were not able to score flying trips (fully booked flights and expensive rates), we decided to avail of my sister’s last year’s birthday gift to me – an overnight stay at the Pen!

It was a bright idea actually to stay in the metro as there’s no hassle of roadtrips etc.  The un-bright thing was we scheduled it on a weekend when there’s a storm brewing..natch!  Saturday afternoon was spent (whattawaste!) in the pool area but we were able to swim only for 30 minutes or less because it started to rain. 

Raining so we had to make tambay lang šŸ™

 Instead of the pool, we hang out in the hotel room’s tub!  Lian enjoyed it nevertheless.

Munching on chips while hanging out in the bathroom

Tub time with Daddy!

With Mommy too!

On Saturday night, we went to the nearby mall for dinner – where else but McDonald’s Glorietta!  But of course a trip to the mall won’t be complete without a side tour to the arcade…

Sunday was kinder as Mr. Sun decided to come out.  We had a lovely buffet brunch in Escolta. 

Then another swimming attempt…Success!


At 12 noon Sunday, it’s time to bid goodbye to our home away from home…but without some clowning around.  Daddy J and Lian always have their “fight” moments…Pack up!

Bye bye bed

After last weekend’s staycation, we’re headed to another exciting vacation next weekend…can’t wait!

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2 thoughts on “My Idea of Staycation

  1. I love hotel staycations. It’s a chance to break free from the daily grind without having to really go far.

  2. True! Less stress pa šŸ™‚

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