Lian’s Me Time

In preparation for the opening of classes, Lian’s mom (that’s me) wants to make sure she’s ready for it.  Honestly, mas excited pa ko kesa sa kanya!  I sooo like the idea of having my unica hija start school already – i had so many fond memories kasi of school.  Oo na, ako na ang nerd!!!

So 1st week of May pa lang, I was already going through the list of her school things.  I made separate lists pa for “things to buy – bookstore”, “things to buy – department store” etc.  Ganun ako ka-OC.  

And every weekend, talagang I drag Jeck and Lian to scour the malls for pens, socks, shoes etc.  Last weekend was no different because I insisted that Lian have her hair cut.  If I’m not mistaken, this is Lian’s 3rd time to visit Kid’s Salon, Market! Market!  Almost every year lang sya mag-visit ng salon šŸ™‚

Checking her hair length…not!  She’s just watching Barney!

Almost done. Haba rin cut na hair sa kanya šŸ™

Sanay na sanay magpakikay

Finishing touches

She really didn’t want a short hair so para ma-convince lang, I told her na short din hair ni Black Widow šŸ™‚

Eto na sya after only 10 minutes of cutting (with matching blow dry):

Play, play after the cut, cut

then pose, pose

Tea-time šŸ™‚

I must say, she’s enjoying her hair.  Even up to now, I would see her flip her hair if she thinks no one’s watching.  Sly one!

But before our salon afternoon, Lian also had her 1st videoke session in Quantum, SM Hypermarket.  While I was at the derma, nag-arcade na ang mag-ama and may I perform ang Lian pagdating ko.

Serious…kala mo nababasa ang letters sa screen

May I smile sa fans hehe

I was able to get only 1 video of her performance…malas naman talaga dahil low batt na šŸ™ and I can’t upload here for some reason šŸ™ šŸ™

It was indeed a fun Lian day for all of us!

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