Being a Mom

“When a child is born, a mother is also born”.  I came across this in one of the blogs (I can’t remember what anymore) but it stuck to my mind because it’s true.  Tama nga naman, di ka nanay kung wala ka anak (literally, figuratively etc).

I know this is a belated post because the Mothers’ Day weekend wore me out.  Baliktad noh, dapat nga relaxing?!  I spent Saturday with my in-laws since it’s also fiesta in Sta. Ana.  Pagod ang peg because the kids (Lian and her cousins, Charles and KZ) were balls of energy.  Walang kapaguran…last man standing lang.  All of them didn’t take their afternoon nap but they all tried to stay awake even beyond bedtime.  Then yesterday, after hearing mass we went to Market! Market! to do some shopping for Lian’s school stuff.  Ang corny noh?  Nothing special. 

But then again, when you think about it, you don’t need fancy stuff to celebrate motherhood.  Every minute of every day is a celebration (of sorts).  I never thought I’d say this but I love being a mom (more than a wife…kidding haha) but it’s true.  Matagal lang dumating sa kin ang realization because I was too absorbed with the “me” issues – sleepless nights, no more “for me (and hubby) time”, can’t travel on a whim etc but now that Lian’s more interactive (as in para akong may younger sister), I realized life is indeed better with her around.  

Here are some random things why I love being a (Lian’s) mom:
1. Lian’s a smartmouth – in a good way ‘to ha.  Can’t think lang of a better word to describe her immense vocabulary (for a 3-year old) and her diskarte way of saying it.  Example: Tic-toc, tic-toc, that’s the MOTION of the clock

2. Lian’s talented – biased ako dito but then again…not!  Lian got her singing prowess from her dad and she composes her own songs too.  Ask her to do the Igorot dance (which she choreographed) and you’ll laugh your hats off

3. We share a love for theater/ cars/ books – at least alam ko na meron kaming pag-uusapan pagdating ng teenage years nya šŸ™‚

4. I’m given the opportunity to think of someone else other than myself – being the youngest girl in the family, admittedly I am/was self-centered kasi na-spoil ako (ayan ha, inamin ko na).  Now that I have Lian (and Jeck), I get to think of their welfare first before mine

5. I get to expand my interests and find out that those I thought boring before seem so exciting now.  I’m interested sa crafts now and anything kutingting na when I was single I don’t find interesting at all.  Also, I got myself into blogging and would love to meet people in the blogging community (mommy bloggers at that!)

6. My family makes me stronger and more family-centered – When I was single, it was all about friends, going out, sports and shopping.  Bihira ako umuwi ng early and rarely am I in the house during weekends.  Now, kung pwede ko lang hilahin ang time para nasa house na ko to play talk to Lian.  And yes although I’m still always out on weekends, it’s still Lian-related – arcade, playgrounds etc.  But the biggest change is really my spending time with my family (sisters and aunt).  I know I was remiss before but now that kami na lang parang I always want to be with them and I want them to be with Lian

7. I value my mom more now – sayang because she’s not with us anymore.  For sure, super malilibang sya kay Lian na mini version nya.  If Lian likes same things I do (see item #3), mas marami sya similarities kay Mommy – bags, shoes, jewelry, pasyals.  Para talagang kasama ko si Mommy na pint-sized nga lang.  Up to now, I can’t imagine how my mom made everything looked so easy when I was growing up.  She was a busy Physics high school teacher, a crafts person (she commissioned her stuff to be sold in Landmark for a while), a businesswoman then she maintained our household pa – cooking, cleaning etc because we only had 1 yaya/ laundrywoman rolled into one before.  Ako nga we’re living with my aunt with 1 helper cum yaya nagrereklamo pa na wala time so pano pa sya nun?!  But my Mom was a super mom because she was able to blend career and family life really well.  Fashionista pa sya!

8. I always have an excuse to stay at home šŸ™‚  deadma sa mga invites and other things.  Pag feel ko sa house ako and feel ni Lian na sa house lang ako, so be it!

Of course there are still days when I just want to pull my hair out of frustration because Lian’s growing too fast for me, so don’t put me on a pedestal pa rin haha šŸ™‚

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