Baguio Escape, Day 2

Up bright and early, we had breakfast in Mountain Lodge before going out.

Parang nasa house lang šŸ™‚

Again, Baguio City won’t be complete without a visit to another mandatory – Mines View Park.  While we’re there, my 2 sisters and aunt went straight to their must-visit Good Shepherd.  Pero syempre Lian won’t make palagpas the chance to visit her favorite saint, St. Joseph so we had to follow them there after our MVP pictorial.

On the way to MVP, we passed by The Mansion and Wright Park so stopover muna.

Funny poses

Yoga poses

Lian was posing the whole time kaya wala ako solo shot šŸ™  and she’s super arte again sa smell of pine trees kaya eto lang pic namin sa Wright Park

But she had to pose with this cute little boy first – 

Shy pa sya kunyari šŸ™‚

Then off we go to MVP to have our pictures taken with the St. Bernard dog and horse

Eto talaga pinunta namin, because the last time we went here (2 years ago), Lian was still a baby and she was afraid of the animals…she can’t even remember that trip!  So we really had to drop by so she can see.

Here are some photos from Good Shepherd – while they’re buying pasalubong, busy kami sa Kodak moments šŸ™‚

With her favorite saint šŸ™‚

Baguio City is known for nature, so we don’t want to miss out on parks.  We went to Botanical Garden and Camp John Hay (my must-visit).

Lian super loves having her pic taken sa mga ganito

Pati daddy nya napapayag

In Camp John Hay – we visited the Butterfly Sanctuary.  But then Lian acted up again (I guess because it’s almost her sleeping time) kaya wala sya photos.  She said she’s afraid and kahit anong pilit namin, no-no sya magpa-picture…so kami na lang ng daddy nya šŸ™‚

I wish I can share some more pics but my camera ran out of battery already by this time so the remainder of the trip was captured by my sis’ cameras.  And dahil sa kabusy-han, di pa ko nakaka-copy šŸ™

We also had lunch at Camp John Hay and to cap off our Baguio trip, we went to La Trinidad Strawberry Farm.

It was a full weekend.  Kapuy to the max, buti na lang holiday ng May 1.  But nevertheless it was an enriching experience.  Enriching dahil we had time to bond again as a family and Lian was happy with the mountain experience.  For the past weekends kasi lagi na lang beach ang pinupuntahan and swimming (may pool din kasi sa house) but this was different.

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