Never Too Old for Baguio

To escape the heat of summer in the metro, we decided to cool off in the mountains – the city of pines, Baguio City!  Since we can only go for a 2-day trip, we had to maximize the time and cram everything in too short a time.

We left Manila at 6AM, Saturday and got there at 1PM.  After a quick check-in and lunch at Mountain Lodge, we head to BenCab Museum.

in Asin Road

Beautiful place with beautiful art pieces…

View from the top

Platypus šŸ™‚

Lian’s slide hahaha

Green, green, green

After this, we head back to the city.  Baguio will not be complete without a visit to mandatory #1 – Burnham Park



Kulang lang ang skating…but surprise, surprise – we found an arcade!  Of course, mega happy ang dalaginding šŸ™‚

Thumbs up for a train ride


With giant slide pa!

Thus, we were late in getting to Baguio Cathedral for an anticipated mass.  Better late than never!

Nakapag-bless naman kami kay Father šŸ™‚

Major hingal climbing up the stairs then after about 20 minutes, go down again for dinner at Star Cafe. 

Sumpong na Lian šŸ™

Lian was already cranky and acting up because she’s tired, sleepy and get this…she doesn’t like the smell of rocks (actually pine trees yun).  Ibang klase na bata!  

Tired, sleepy but still excited to explore Baguio.  It wasn’t that cold though, parang mas cold pa pag naka-aircon.  After dinner, we went back to the hotel and we were thinking of having a nightcap pa so went for a walk along Leonard Wood Road.  But since Lian tagged along (ayaw paiwan sa room with Auntie Lit), nothing happened.  She can’t stand the smell of pine trees!

And that was day 1.

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