Holy Week: South to North

The Easter celebration has past and life is back to the same biting reality.  This is only my 2nd day back in the office and I already feel sooo tired.  I’m guessing it has something to do with my recurring headache.  Not sure if it’s because I’m just PMS-ing or the heat (they said tomorrow will be the hottest day ever!) or something else.  

Before I ramble on senseless, here are some photos from our annual Visita Iglesia.  This year we went to see the churches in Tagaytay/ Batangas.  Actually, we could have finished 7 churches in Tagaytay pa lang but since we really wanted to go to Taal, we only did 3 in Tagaytay –

Franciscan Monastery

Our Lady of Lourdes Parish

Parish of Monte Maria

We had to stop in Tagaytay as it’s already past 3PM and we haven’t had lunch.  We had lunch in our fave cheap but yummy resto – Bulalo Point.  And again, it didn’t disappoint!  We had a blast!

Sarap ng kain 🙂

After lunch, we’re off to Lemery

San Roque Parish

then to the town of Taal –

Our Lady of Caysasay Parish

St. Martin de Tours Parish

 And to our last stop – Lipa!

San Sebastian Cathedral

It was a 12- hour trip but well worth it.  I realized that yes, it was a religious exercise but it’s much more than that.  It was a chance to bond with family, discover new places (and cultures), have fun and renew your faith.  While you travel, you get to know new things and re-discover old ones.  While you read/ recite the Stations of the Cross, you also re-live Jesus’ life and relatethe same to your own life.  And through this reflection, you realize your shortcomings and vow to improve on your life.

It was indeed a Holy Week!

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