Level Up!

Good news I totally forgot to blog about.  Early this month, I got a job promotion…which means – increased pay, more health insurance coverage, no swiping in/ out, car and yes, oh yes —- MORE WORK!

I simply remembered having not posted it because I had to take a break now from all the emails I’ve been reading.  I know I’m down to my last email and when I went back to my inbox, ang dami ulit! sigh…plus there were meetings I had to attend to.  Good thing today there’s none – the first this week.  

Anyway, I want to share with you some pages from our intranet portal re “the announcement”

And when you click the “more on Apple” burst, it opens to this…
The set of questions were just texted to me and I had to cram to text back.  Got the questions while I was on leave and in Tagaytay (remember my post on Nuvali?)  so feeling ko my answers were hindi pinagisipan and bahala na lang.

Oh well, ganun talaga.  

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