Comfort Food Revisited at 2nds

Finally! After months of planning to check out 2nds in Boni High Street, we finally got the chance to eat there…unplanned šŸ™‚

Simple menu

Simple counter top
It was a hearty dinner as I devoured (di ko naman naubos talaga) a slab of porkchop.  The sauce was great and the meat’s tender.  Pwede nga talaga sya pang-sharing.  Even the heap of veggies on the side is good (yan ha, considering I don’t eat veggies)
Grilled porkchop…yum!
Some of the guys tried the chicken – chicken was a bit bland and the yellow thing on the side was a bit off (we can’t identify what it was exactly)
Healthy Chicken
Definitely a hit to everyone
Jem, Onin and me

Nesty and Kat
Too bad hubby got in late so wala sya pic….ako na lang šŸ™‚

Til the next food adventure!

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