Loves in Love Part 2

Our life as a couple was generally fun, light-hearted and easy.  I guess because it was in our nature naman na mababait kaming tao šŸ™‚ and if I may say, we complement each other *naks*.  I’m a private person, he’s more outgoing.  I’m serious, he’s jolly.  Plus according to our Chinese astrology, horse (me) and sheep (him) are special sign friends.

But that’s not to say that we didn’t experience the 2-year itch.  2005 to 2006 were really difficult years for us.  We both resigned from our jobs and were jobless for 3 months combined, third party issues, frequent fights and the biggest of all, my parents’ passing.  The relationship’s strength was really tested during this time, and only through prayers and acceptance were we able to keep the relationship going.

Here are some photos from that challenging period –

Laguna – April 2006

Boracay – May 2006

Oh di ba, kahit may problems na kami parang ang saya pa rin naman hahaha

I was so glad when 2006 came to an end.  Feeling ko nun, 2007 will be a better, brighter year for us…and it was!  

The relationship became more mature, peaceful and stable.  Parang bigla kaming nag-grow up.  Maybe because of the trials we had to face the year before. 

Cagsawa Ruins

Quezon Province

Star City

It was also the year we got engaged and married šŸ™‚ 

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