Our Trip to the Zoo

I cant’ believe I never went to Manila Zoo as a child.  I missed quite a lot!  It was my first time to visit in my 33 (going 34) years of existence yesterday.  Kaloka because it was Lian’s first time too…pareho lang kami ng status šŸ™‚

It was a spur of the moment thing because Lian’s acting up yesterday and hubby just had enough of her kakulitan so we packed up (as if dami namin dala) then went out.  Wala pa 5 kms ang tinatakbo ng car, Lian and I were already dead to the world.

We woke up when hubby’s parking in a not-so familiar place but with oh-so familiar neighborhood.  Goodness, nasa Adriatico lang pala ang Manila Zoo!  To think that I spent almost 5 years of my college life near the area, I never knew.  It was a case of so near yet so far.

Since hubby’s listed address in his IDs is Manila, we got a discount and for only P20 each for adults and P10 for kids, we are on our way to having a good time in the Philippines’ animal sanctuary in the city – Manila Zoo!

Lian and me in the sorta wishing well

Super fun going around the zoo.  I was constantly amazed that we have something like this pala in the metro.  We saw an elephant (1 na lang because his companion died a few months back – can’t get over si Lian na alone na lang and wala playmate yung elephant, she doesn’t want to leave), hippo, tigers, monkeys, crocodiles, horse, zebras, ostrich(es) and birds!

Marty…na di masyado white.  I wonder if hype lang ang white/ black stripes

Lian and me + sleeping Palawan Bear Cat

Swampy…with many more Swampy’s

Lian and Daddy + Gloria’s pwet pwet

Then there’s a section in the zoo they call Kinder Zoo where you can touch, pet and feed the animals for P100 each.  Of course we had to experience it…di pwedeng pahuli ang Ignacio Family hahaha

with lil’ Swampy

with Snakey

with Pong

with lovely cuckatoos and parrots

with Horsey

with Daddy’s new baby

Hot, tiring afternoon well spent.  Family fun guaranteed!  Oh, and there’s boating in the middle of the zoo šŸ™‚

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