My Life’s List

Taking off from my travel bucket list posted here last year, now I share with you my LIFE’S TO DO list.  In no particular order, basta na-feel ko lang –

1. Run a full marathon
2. Learn a new language – French or Mandarin?
3. Go on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land
4. White water raft in Cagayan or Zambales
5. Teach either college students or pre-school (kaya ko ba ‘to talaga?)
6. Write – contribute in any publication, start a novel etc – actually, maintaining this blog kahit na I don’t get to blog as much as I want to keeps my sanity.  This is my artistic outlet of sorts
7. Own a beach house
8. Raise good kid/s
9. Lose weight (preferably meet my ideal weight)
10. Ride a hot air balloon
11. Climb a mountain
12. Take up a new hobby or interest – haircutting, dressmaking, jewelry design (ambisyosa!)
13. Go on another honeymoon with my hubby (Carribean?)
14. Go on a cruise – kahit sa Singapore/ Malaysia lang
15. Get a new car

So far, these are what I can think of.  Will definitely tick and make some changes/ additions as time goes by 🙂

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