My So-called Running Life

March of this year saw my interest in the sport of running.  It started as a hobby – more like because I want to prepare myself for the Santiago de Compostela walk my sisters and I are planning to take (supposedly last July).  It was initially a strictly Sunday afternoon run.  Just a “me” time to collect my thoughts, plan for the coming week and basically just be on my own without the distraction and noise of a busy household.  But it evolved to something more than a simple pampalipas oras – a month after I started running, I noticed changes in the way I look.  Old clothes that used to be too tight are now something I can wear comfortably, clothes that were stashed at the back of the closet now fit me.  Then come the month of May, my best friend Carol invited me to join her in the Greentennial run – we went, we came and we finished!  Carol went for 3K, I did 5K šŸ™‚

May 22, Greentennial Run

Then after that first run, everything is history.  I joined a run, sometimes 2 every month.

July 3, Yamaha Run

July 17, JG Buddy Run

And then just after 4 months of running, I started my 10K runs – 

July 30, Pateros Run
September 18, Run for Rizal

October 15, Nike We Run Manila

I also had a run that pulled heartstrings as it was for a cause – my sister’s friend’s daughter Sofia Ysabel.  It was touching because it’s an intimate run, only family and friends plus it was raining hard; but that didn’t dampen our spirits šŸ™‚

August 27, Run for Sofia Ysabel

Anna, me, Aida and Monina

Then the biggest challenge I’ve taken so far – 16.8K!

October 23, Adidas King of the Road

I’m prepping up for my next run as I had my knee busted with tendinitis.  I’m resting it now with the hope that I can beat my PR on 10K šŸ™‚

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