The Arcade Fever

The past months saw my daughter L’s fast growth – not only did she grow in height but also in preferences.  Bata pa lang opinionated na!  She’s not afraid to speak her mind and tell us (me in particular) what she wants – be it in fashion (I want to wear this!) or in food (I don’t like that, I only want balat!) but most especially in weekend activities.  Meron na syang Saturday ritual and as early as Wednesday, kino-kontrata na nya kami.  Example – typical Wednesday conversation:

Lian: Mommy, office ka?
Me: Yes, I’ll go to the office
Lian: School ako?
Me: Yes, you have school today
Lian: Tomorrow?
Me: Office mommy, Lian no school.  On Friday, mommy office, Lian school
Lian: Saturday?
Me: No office, no school
Lian: Yehey!  Go to arcade on Saturday!

Don’t ask me how she knew that Saturday comes after Friday dahil we haven’t really taught her the days of the week.  I guess mabilis lang talaga pick up nya 🙂

Anyway, every Saturday morning, rain or shine, you will see us in Market! Market! Timezone playing and acting like kids (which isn’t really a bad thing).  In fact, now ko lang talaga na-enjoy ang arcade and I even have a favorite game now – Rowing!  

Rubber Ducky Game

The Pokpok Game

Streetfighter and NBA Games



Drumming Game

Plus, the day will not be complete with…

Carousel with Mommy

Panda with Daddy

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