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While I was reading Patty Laurel’s blog, I got inspired by her mission to visit as many countries as her age.  I told myself, hmm…kaya ko rin kaya yun?  So I started writing down the countries I have visited and since I’m still far off, I’ll try na lang at least half my age.  šŸ™‚

So here goes my list with some tidbits I can remember in my travels…

1. Hong Kong – my first ever trip outside the country.  It was a graduation gift from my family and I went with my 2 sisters.  Super bonding because it’s the first time I went with them and I was treated like an adult. I so like HKG that even up to now, I can imagine myself living here.  There was even a time that I stayed for a week and I explored the place on my own.  Feeling local talaga.  This is one of the places na kahit you visit often, there seems to be something new to experience every time.  Like dito sa first trip, I can fondly remember Ocean Park then the next travels – Disneyland, Lan Kwai Fong, Avenue of the Stars, New Territories etc.  Been here so many times with different groups of people – sisters, aunt, hubby, daughter, in-laws, friends, colleagues.  Enjoy to the max always!

Just sad that because my first travels were a long way back and hindi uso digicam, I need to make halukay my baul of photos saved from the fire.  I can only share some digital prints of my recent travels.

The Peak with J and L

At Times Square with J and L

2. Thailand – this is memorable because I took this trip by myself and I stayed for 4 days if I remember right.  I was there to attend a friend’s Christian-Chinese-Thai wedding rolled into one.  I had a blast because I was able to enjoy the trip with friends (wedding-related) and discovered that I can travel alone too.  Saya because I was able to stay within my peso budget. (slow pa ko nun, imagine wala ako dollars na dala?!)

3. The Netherlands – the start of my European addiction!  The fascination was actually rubbed off to me by my 2 sisters who had prior travels in Europe.  It was unforgettable because more than 3 weeks akong out of the country and I guess, pag European trip, talaga namang something you won’t forget.

We made Amsterdam our base and we stayed in a super nice boutique hotel for our first 2 nights then at Holiday Inn for our last night.

4. West Germany – where fairy tales are made of as we visited Neuschwanstein Castle – the one that inspired Sleeping Beauty’s Castle in Disneyland.  We stayed in Munich and had fun because there’s a Filipino restaurant named Manila in the heart of the city plus ever-flowing ang beer!  Nasa vending machine lang šŸ™‚

5. Austria – “The hills are alive with the sound of music” – Vienna was our base but I will always associate Austria with Salzburg = VonTrapp Family Singers.  This is one of the places that I don’t want to leave behind.  I can stay here too and be a tour guide (oh di ba pati source of livelihood, na-plan ko na).  Austria would always have a soft spot in my heart because of its music, arts and parks.

6. Italy – my favorite country!  I like the language, history, people, food, everything!  It feels like everybody/everything is bellissima! Even if Rome is crowded and some of the people are not trustworthy (sabi nila ha), I can so live here as well.  It’s just too bad that we were only able to explore Florence and Pisa, and wala Venice so definitely next time…

7. France – it is indeed the most romantic country!  I like the vibe here because it can be cosmopolitan, and yet laidback when you’re in the countryside…loveeeit!  Enough said.

8. Belgium* – technically shouldn’t be part of the list because up to Brussels train station lang ako.  But since ang dami ko nakita na chocolate, sinama ko na hahaha…but yes, will scrap this out šŸ™  hmm…or balik na lang ako ulit?!

9. Singapore – another go-to country if I just want to go out.  My hubby’s favorite because feeling nya in sya here (mukha sya local and IT pa)  For some reason, even if I frequently visit this place and I have friends (Pinoys, locals and foreigns) who live here, I still can’t say I’m at home here.  Pero chika na, near PH naman šŸ™‚

J and Merlion

The slim me and Merlion

10. China – I also have a soft spot for China because I handled our destinations here when I was still coordinating charters.  I also love the Chinese people – they’re crazy in a good way!  This is a country I’d like to explore more especially the Western and Northern parts.

Great Wall of China

11. Macau – feeling exotic na ko when I went here a couple of years back because at that time only very few people (I know) had been here.  Wala pa kasing Venetian at that time!  I would like to go back there and stay longer – plus the egg tarts!  I can’t get enough of them šŸ™‚

St. Paul’s Cathedral

12. Malaysia – went here to attend a conference and my initial impression – para kong nasa Quiapo, I didn’t like it kasi feeling ko ang gulo!  But I like the food and the people, they’re very friendly.  Actually, I wouldn’t mind going back for my hubby’s choco top hahaha

Suria KLCC

13. South Korea – only if I had more time to explore baka mas nag-enjoy ako.  I went here in the middle of winter and was able to go to Nandaemun but was not able to visit other places in Seoul.  Sayang!  Let’s go back – maybe next time with family naman.  Sarap kaya mag-shop ng bags here šŸ™‚

Incheon Train Station

14. Japan – another country I wished I had more time to explore.  Since I’ve only been to Osaka, there’s a vast area I haven’t seen yet which I’m pretty sure I’ll like.  I soooo love the shopping!  Grabe ang outlets, kahit 1 whole day ako na dun lang, I can live, survive!

Rinku Outlet

15. Taiwan – so reminds me of Ongpin and Binondo.  I had a fab time with friends but most likely won’t come back na.  Mahal kaya ng visa noh šŸ™‚  But you have to hand it to them, ang disciplined ng mga tao.

CKS Memorial

Need 3 more legitimate countries…kaya ko kaya? šŸ™‚

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