I don’t know why I just had the impulse today to write about friendship. Maybe I’m just being sentimental, which makes me wonder…

What is it about friends that make you smile and forget about your worries; How do you choose friends; How do you maintain friendship through the years etc.

I envy those who remain close to their kindergarten friends – as in like see them regularly, catch up with the latest chika etc.  Although I still keep in touch with most of my playmates from way back then, I can’t really say we’re supah close.  I still see them, text them, fb them but we don’t have the type of relationship like I have with my college buddies where I can share my deepest, innermost thoughts.  But for some reason, whenever I think of home, my Pateros friends will surely be included and remembered with fond memories.

I’ll try to cull some photos from my photo stock and share my “Friends Forever” pics.  This is the name of my high school barkada.  Since I had myself enrolled in just 1 school from kindergarten ’til 4th year, I basically have the same group of friends.  May nababawas, may nadadagdag lang, but the core group – Rhon, Kaye, PJ, RJ and Peachy, kami pa rin 🙂  All of them are now married with kids.  Some married their high school sweethearts, the others married people we also know from home.  Ganun yata talaga pag small town, kayo kayo ang nagkakatuluyan 🙂  

So unlike my college friends – Carol, Mian, Melds, Alan, Clots and Ember, who marami pa ang single and kung married man, only has 1 child or childless.  Solid!  Maybe because college was the time when I really let my hair down and I had the freedom (sort of) to decide on my own, mas naging happy ang college life. It’s also the first time na ang school ko ay far from my house so I had the chance to commute, carpool, drive etc. which gave me also free time hihi

This is the group I get to see regularly.  We have a commitment to meet up monthly (which reminds me, month ko pala now).  I don’t know what brought us closer together – maybe because we share the same interests, maybe because they understand me better and had no biases (my mom was a teacher in the same high school I attended in), or maybe dahil talagang nag-click lang – UAAP, parties, theater…oh well.

My sisters, Aida & Anna, Mian, Carol and us

Mian, Carol and me

If I thought yun lang ang set of friends ko, I’m totally wrong! Because when I started working then I found another group and because ang tagal ko na sa 5J, iba ibang groups na and dumaan sa life ko.  I have my 1st set – Irma, Aimee and Cy; my barkada (eto naman ang aking sounding board through and through na kahit hiwa-hiwalay na kami, we really keep in touch) – Ren, Weng, Teng, Hens, Binks, Bless, Adette, Jenn;

Jenn, Weng, Bless and me

Ren, Bless, me and Teng
Bless, Adette and me

my up there friends – Cands, Bing, Anarets, Vhie; 

Weng, Bing, Anarets, Vhie

my new breed friends – Joy, Rox, Val, RG, Ivan, Ralph; 

Val, RG, Bless, Joy, me and the Marketing Team

then the young set – Kat, Xian, Mich, Claude, Stacy, Mito, MP; 

The New Marketing Team

tapos meron pang extension friends – Che, Jackie, Eric, Nesty, Rico, Cheng, Lan, Dindo, Nes, Issa, Gigi, Lot, Ana.  Grabe!!!

Eric, Jackie, Che and us

Whenever I feel down, I’ll just think of my friends and I know I’m truly blessed 🙂

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