Hottest Place on Earth (in the Philippines)

It was hot, hot, hot!
Last weekend, I went on a Cauayan and Tuguegarao trip – visiting old churches and caves and having a grand hot time with hubby!  It was really hot, literally!  Imagine walking in the middle of the day at 36 degrees.  But that didn’t stop me/ us from enjoying the sights Isabela and Cagayan Valley have to offer.
Places of interest:  
1. Old churches of Cauayan and Alicia (30 minutes away from Cauayan – PhP25 per pax via van)
Cauayan, Isabela

Alicia, Isabela      

I did the churches thing alone as hubby is busy rubbing elbows with the officials.  Good thing that the Cauayanos are generally mabait that I didn’t feel unsafe traveling alone.  Had to ride vans and tricycles the whole time – buti pa nga dun, nakaka-commute kang matiwasay 🙂 Too bad lang that we didn’t get the chance anymore to visit Tumauini church (1.5 hours away from Cauayan) because we decided to…go to Ilagan Sanctuary.

2. Ilagan Sanctuary (1 hour away from Cauayan – PhP35 per pax via van; PhP50 per pax via a/c bus to Ilagan then hire a tricycle to bring you to the sanctuary – PhP400+ roundtrip)

Ilagan Sanctuary

Immasok Cave

Pinzal Falls    

The place is being maintained by the government and aside from the cave and the falls, you can also go swimming, trekking and it even has an aviary.  

3. Callao Caves (in Penablanca, 1 hour away from Tuguegarao – PhP500+ roundtrip via tricycle) – to get to Tuguegarao (2.5 hours away from Cauayan – PhP140 per pax via bus)

We went to Tuguegarao the following day to catch our flight back to Manila.  But of course, we couldn’t miss dropping by even if schedule is a bit tight at Callao Caves.  I’ve heard a lot about this wonder since my family already went there sans me a couple years back.  The place is breathtaking – as in super hingal to get there as there are about 200 steps to get to the mouth of the cave.  🙂  Seriously speaking, hope we can help preserve the cave.  It’s truly a Philippine wonder.

On our way up

Chamber 4

Chamber 2

Chamber 5

Where to eat: As I didn’t get the chance to sample the famous Pancit Cabagan and Pancit Batil Patung, I would have to content myself in knowing that these 2 shouldn’t be missed when you travel up north.  I’ll take my hubby’s word for it that they’re the best! Here are some places I got the chance to visit and indulge my taste buds on in Cauayan –
1. Kusina Kawayan – meals range from 70 to 200; serves Filipino food

Inihaw na liempo value meal for PhP150

2. Jambalaya Grill – food ranges from 100 to 250; serves Mexican food

T-bone steak you shouldn’t miss at PhP190

 3. Cafe Andrea – food ranges from 150 to 400; serves Chinese/ American food

Had our breakfast here – Porkchop with tomato sauce

 Where to stay:

1. Hotel Andrea – very nice with super accommodating and friendly staff, with free wifi bonus 🙂

Deluxe room
 2. Queen Jennifer – didn’t see the place but I was told it’s near the city hall
Other places we wished we had time to visit:
1. Old church in Tumauini, Isabela
2. Magat Dam in Ramon, Isabela
3. Old church in Piat, Cagayan
Oh well, maybe next time na lang 🙂

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