Raising Lian

“You changed my life in a moment.  And I’ll never be the same again.”

That’s my song, roughly 3 years ago when I learned that I’m pregnant.  As in the moment I looked at the 2 distinct lines in my home pregnancy kit, I knew that my life will completely change.  The only question then is…by how much.  

And only as years passed did I realize that my life changed a LOT!  It’s not even something quantifiable (dahil baka mapagod ako kakabilang).  It’s not naman that it changed from bad to worse, because frankly it didn’t.  It’s just a whole lot different now – different priorities, ways of thinking, lifestyle.

Example:  Instead of watching a basketball game (NBA finals na!), can’t switch the channel from Playhouse Disney to BTV/ ESPN.  Meron na sisigaw ng “Lian watch!!!”.  Oh eh pano ka pa, diba?  Funny lang kasi dati parang end of the world if di makawatch ng game.  Yung tipong you’ll watch kahit wee hours ang replay.  Deadma lang kasi gusto mo talaga.  🙂

But don’t get me wrong, as I’ve mentioned it’s not bad.  Actually, may kurot nga sa puso minsan especially when I heard my hubby, Jeck called Lian “anak”.  Parang sa mom and dad ko lang yan naririnig, now syo na hahaha…

The whole thing is actually a great experience.  From the moment I saw Lian on the monitor – 

She looks like my sis Anna here

Ganito pa rin sya umiyak ’til now

What a nice smile!

Then she popped out of me – 


 Para syang angel na sleeping lang…good girl image 🙂

Kaya when I see her now, I can’t believe na eto na sya…the bad girl image 🙂


Kalerkey di ba?! As she grows, I also grow with her.  It’s true talaga that your child doesn’t only learn from you, they also get to teach.  Of course, I have my fears from the futuristic – what will she turn out to be, to the simple na – susko, wag naman po sana sya magka-bump sa head dahil sa kalikotan.  But then, when I think about it more, she has to experience things on her own.  It’s not nice also to have everything at her beck and call.  As it is nga, she’s acting like a spoiled brat already.  She has to feel pain sometimes to learn and overcome being hurt, she has to learn not only socializing but dealing with people, she has to know that not everybody is nice, meron talagang bad people and di palaging mukhang goons like in the movies.  

So many things talaga that I have to consider in raising Lian.  Things that I need to share to make her a better person.  In the same way, I also have a lot of things to know in order for me to be a better mom. 

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