Welcome to My New Space Under the Sun!

And now I’m itching to write. Thanks to the inspiration of reading other people’s blogs, I found myself writing again.  
I’m always fond of writing down my thoughts, whether I’m extremely happy or depressingly sad, I find solace in the written word.  Maybe because writing doesn’t talk back nor interrupt me when I’m in a tirade (gusto ko kasi ako lang ang star!).  Anyway, I hope that this time I can really continue this blog.  I have this habit kasi of starting then super excited the first few days, weeks even then kaboom! biglang wala na lang.  I don’t know maybe because I have so many things to share and so little time to do it. (excuses, excuses!) Oh well, basta sana this time, for keeps na. 🙂
Regarding my blog name, I was actually thinking of naming it apolicious.  Wala lang, para kasing sarap pakinggan.  Unfortunately (fortunately), it’s already taken!  I can’t believe there’s someone out there who thinks the same way I do…creepy!  Okay, so that’s why bigla naging apoloves na lang.  
Why apoloves?  Of course, the apol there is the localized version of apple.  Seriously, it’s how my super close friends spell my name.  I guess to give it more character and feeling intimate ba.  The loves is my hubby’s term of endearment (nung panahong 2 pa lang kami and di pa uso ang tawag na mommy).  Plus, I plan to make this blog the sounding board of all things I love.  So expect a lot of posts re travel, food, friends and family 🙂
Oh yan ha, keep me company so I’ll get inspired to write more.  Happy reading!

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