Pacific Northwest Week

I spent a week in Washington State last summer and I fell in love with the place. Lucky me to have been chosen to attend an airline planning seminar conducted by Boeing. It’s a 5-day seminar learning the ins and outs of running an airline (not that I’m going to run one hehe). I got […]

Rainy Days & Adulting

*It’s been raining for almost a month now.  Not really non-stop but generally hits during critical times – leaving for work, going out for lunch break and coming home in the evening.  Normally, I love rain. I love the chill vibe it brings because it lets me stay indoors and read.  Such a relaxing treat […]

Bonjour France!

After more than a decade, I was able to visit Europe again!  Yes, for less than a week a few weeks back, I went to France with a terminal layover in Frankfurt, Germany. Albeit work-related, I still had a grand time since I visited a new French region this time – an area I have […]

Teambuilding at Club Balai Isabel

I’m catching up with my posts this week, the same way I’m catching up with all the goings-on in my life.  The holiday break didn’t seem like a break as I had a lot of things on my plate – Lian’s birthday party, errands, trips to doctors and out-of-town trips.  It was a busy Christmas […]