FIFA World Cup – It’s Coming Home…Not!

Oh well, I had my hopes up for the underdog but it didn’t turn out the way everyone’s pining up for.  I’m talking about the World Cup and England. Not a fan of football/ soccer but I do appreciate (hot) players, and I feel for England so I was kinda following the series.  It’s not […]

Keepin’ the Animo Alive

When I was in college, I rarely missed a men’s basketball game.  Don’t tell but I would even cut classes (yes, I was a rebel – that’s my only vice) just to watch a game in Araneta.  But mind you, my dad was supportive.  He would meet me in Araneta, and together with my Uncle, […]

My ‘Lil Gymnast

“Great things start from small beginnings…”oh yes, I can hear the classic Milo ad jingle whenever I see my lil girl dressed up in her gymnastics suit.  My lil girl who had always been very girly-girly and interested in cartwheels finally took up gymnastics as part of her school curriculum (GIFT program) last year.  Then […]

#SugodManny #BeattheMayweather

By this time, the hangover from the “Fight of the Century” has probably died down.  There would still be, of course talks and discussions over the controversial fight.  Personally, I think it was Manny Pacquiao who won.  But then I’m no judge, I’m just an ordinary bystander who watched and cheered alongside the rest of the […]