My ‘Lil Gymnast

“Great things start from small beginnings…”oh yes, I can hear the classic Milo ad jingle whenever I see my lil girl dressed up in her gymnastics suit.  My lil girl who had always been very girly-girly and interested in cartwheels finally took up gymnastics as part of her school curriculum (GIFT program) last year.  Then […]

SPCP Grade 1 Family Day

The past 3 months were crazier than usual since I’ve been active in the lil girl’s school.  Together with other moms from her grade level, we worked on mounting their Family Day. Our sacrifices and struggles came into fruition last Saturday when finally we had the event the kids are waiting for this year. It […]

Buwan ng Wika

My lil girl’s school had a interesting Buwan ng Wika celebration.  Interesting because I took part in it!  Yes, their grade level invited 1 parent per section to tell a story to the class. We chose this book – Dalawang Bayani ng Bansa, which is about the similarities and differences of Jose Rizal and Andres Bonifacio. […]

Mommies Unite!

Remember my worry and anxiety when the lil girl was about to move to big school?  That of not meeting cool parents I’ll bond and make chika with?  Gone!  I met wonderful and amazing moms when I said yes to being one of the parent reps in Lian’s class.  I’m happy that there were old-timers […]