Singapore Quickie

A couple of days ago, I had a very quick trip to Singapore for work.  It was super short that I stayed in the hotel less than 12 hours.  Most of the time, we were out for meetings. But anyhow, I still managed to take some shots and did a bit of shopping (not for […]

Singapore Swing

A couple of days ago, I had the chance to quickly swing by Singapore for a 2-day conference.  It’s technically just an overnight thing so I had to squeeze everything in. My main reason for going is to speak/ moderate a discussion about airline customer experience at an aviation conference.  I was so glad I […]

Quick Trip to Singapore

Another place that’s within my radar for a quick getaway is Singapore.  And last week, I had the privilege of visiting the country again, but this time for work. We flew for a “buying” expedition and were treated to fabulous fashion and beauty finds from L’Oreal, Kiehls, Revlon, L’Occitane to name a few.  But the […]