International Babywearing Week

Hello mommies!  Oh yes, it’s good to be back in my comfort zone.  I know I haven’t been posting mom-related stuff in the blog for quite some time, so let me share with you one right now. I didn’t know there’s a week to celebrate babywearing. I just found out now!!!  I think I’ve been […]

#TBT Pregnancy F’s

Because it’s Thursday, let me do a throwback post – back to when I was still pregnant 🙂 I was talking to a colleague yesterday when we both remembered that this time last year I was heavily pregnant with the lil bub.  How fast time flies noh?  That conversation led me to a senti mode […]

My Maternity Leave Ups and Downs

By law, a new mom who gave birth thru SVD (normal) is entitled to a 60-day maternity leave.  I extended mine for 2 more weeks.  Yes, because I didn’t want to leave my darling bub just yet but most especially because I didn’t have a yaya the entire 2.5 months of my leave. I was […]

My SVD (Birthing) Experience

I will try my best to recount my whole birthing experience not only because I promised to share my journey to motherhood (again), but also because I don’t think I will ever tire of making kwento the funny and unpredictable moments every childbirth brings. I know I said that in many ways I/ we are […]


I’m officially on my 9th month already! Not really sure if I’m feeling excited or feeling nervous or feeling frustrated (as I don’t have a yaya yet).  Talk about mixed emotions and crazy mood swings.  It’s not helping that I’m at home now because I need to rest. Was advised by doctor to take it […]