Christmas Gift Suggestions

I think I should rename my post title to “Christmas Wish List” or “Christmas Gift Suggestions for me”.  I like The Mind Museum items listed in this post. Seriously, who has not heard of The Mind Museum?!  Admittedly, I’m one of the few who have heard but have not visited yet.  My loss, I tell […]

Field Trip

I was as excited as my ‘lil girl last week because it’s her first school field trip!  We were up really early for a full day of fun, sightseeing and learning.  Too bad it was marred by a freaky incident which I’ll share with you in another post. What I like about going with Lian […]


August is National Historical Month as so many things in Philippine history are celebrated/ commemorated particularly on its 21st day.  In 1971, there was the Plaza Miranda bombing.  The Liberal Party was having their campaign rally when hand grenades were thrown killing 9 people and injuring many including prominent politicians.  Then in 1983, who would […]